Roha is a distinguished Indian apparel brand that specializes in handcrafted garments, combining timeless designs with the skillful artistry of generational craftsmen. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest fabrics from renowned textile houses, employing top artisans who masterfully create exquisite pieces through techniques like hand embroidery on handwoven fabric. At Roha, our mission is to offer stunning, timeless garments that not only delight our customers but also become enduring staples in their wardrobes.

Our founder, Vibhuti, comes from a long lineage of textile expertise, with her family deeply rooted in the trade for generations. Her passion for aesthetics, thoughtful beauty, and attention to detail was nurtured by the influential women in her life, inspiring her to establish Roha. Vibhuti identified a gap in the market where timelessness and beauty in garment production were confined to the luxury segment, and she firmly believes that these qualities should be an integral part of everyday life. Through Roha, Vibhuti is dedicated to making exceptional craftsmanship and design accessible to all, fostering a lasting connection between tradition and modernity